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How to spend time in Lasówka? 3 recommended tourist routes

Have you already enjoyed the area and want to go somewhere further afield? We have 3 routes to offer to pass your time in our all-season cottages. The routes vary in length, elevation profile and cover other interesting places of the area. The longest route is 60 km long! However, keep in mind that you don’t have to do the whole route, plan the trip according to your skills.

Let yourself be enchanted by the Teplice Rocks

For the first fire we take the route to the Teplice Rocks in the Czech Republic. We start each route in Lasovka. A beautiful scenic road, ideal for a quiet walk accompanied by the sound of trees. Part of the trail on the Czech side can be paid for, a family ticket for 2+2 costs 170 CZK, or about 30 PLN. A great price for the adventure and enchanting views you’ll see along the trail.

  • Total approaches: 1263 m
  • Sum of descents: 1479 m
  • Region: Bystrzyckie Mountains, Orlickie Foothills, Table Mountains
  • Highest point: Departure from Charles Fort 824 m above sea level

How about the Owl Rocks?

This route can abound in difficulties. Naturally, this route is heavily muddy, and is often still damaged by car runs.

The first important point on the route is the ruins of Homole Castle, although they are now only the remains of a historical building. The next stage is in the direction of the Grodczyn / Grodziec peak, whose road is also characterized by difficult terrain, fraught with mud and damage.

After descending towards the village of Kulin, the trail turns green, but be careful because you may encounter a problem finding the right path, due to fences with electric shepherds. It is then worth turning on the GPS and finding a nearby location that allows you to avoid the obstacles.

Continuing to walk along the edge of the forest, the traveler can experience remarkable views of the surrounding meadows. However, the passage is disturbed regularly by nearby hunting, and this can somewhat disturb the tranquility of the journey.

Reaching the Lusatian Rocks, the traveler has moments to catch his breath and admire the beauty of the place in its full glory. Then, on the paved road leading to the main road Kudowa Karłów, one can continue along the blue trail, which is well marked, being a frequently visited place in the Table Mountains.

Heading toward the Puchacz Rocks, one reaches a 730-meter-high vantage point that offers impressive views of the surrounding area, including the Duszniki Depression, the Bystrzyckie Mountains, the Orlickie Mountains, the Lewin Hills and the Bator Cliff. Descending from the rocks requires quite a bit of fitness, but in some places there are chains installed to make the passage easier.

  • Total approaches: 973 m
  • Sum of descents: 919 m
  • Region: Bystrzyckie Mountains, Orlickie Foothills, Table Mountains
  • Highest point: Vrchmezi rozc 1074 m above sea level

Streams shaping the valleys - Three Valleys Pass

Most of the route follows the blue trail, excluding the final section. The route is great to bike on warmer days, but walking along the scenic trail is also a lot of fun. The whole route does not allow you to get lost, along the way you can find a lot of clearly visible markings. When crossing the Gluszyca River, you are required to bypass a slightly larger creek, I recommend caution and taking the section slowly. Later, we take the yellow trail, which leads us towards Turzyna and Rogowiec Castle, a wonderful place to take pictures for avid photographers.


  • Total approaches: 1784m
  • Descent sum: 1677 m
  • Region: Bystrzyckie Mountains,
    Orlickie Foothills, Table Mountains, Scinawka Depression, Stone Mountains
  • Highest point: Vrchmezi rozc 873 m above sea level

Then where are you going?

Many routes, many points, many choices. Each has something unique about it, and it’s up to you to decide which route you like best. The routes we have given are just suggestions, remember that there are many attractions near Zieleniec, we encourage you to check them out and go on your own trip! Tell us which point convinced you the most and give us your suggestions for tour routes.