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Bunkers in Nachód

In the village of Náchód, near the border crossing at Kudowa, there is a part of the Czech defence line, where we can take a closer look at the bunker complex. It is a place which is certainly an interesting destination for history lovers.


Among other things, we can visit the Voda bunker, which was used by the Civil Defence until the 1980s. In 2004, it was decided to renovate its interiors, and as a result, the well was unearthed, a replica of the original armoured door was created and other modernisation work was carried out. Since 2010, the shelter has been welcoming visitors, who can see an exhibition showing the armament of Czechoslovak soldiers, dating from 1918 to 1945.


One of the most popular shelters is Březinka, whose interiors have been perfectly reconstructed. Here you can walk through the soldiers’ rooms, which have been furnished with equipment and weapons from the period. There is also the only telephone switchboard in the Czech Republic. You can also take a close look at a petrol cooker and a machine gun.


The complex of shelters in Náchód is a place which should certainly not be missed by any lover of history, especially of war.