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Terms and conditions

In the interests of providing you with a peaceful, trouble-free and safe stay, we have drawn up rules and regulations for your stay. We also always ask our guests to conclude a Rental Contract for our Cottage with us. We kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with the Contract and with the following Rent Regulations of Łubinowe Wzgórze Cottage
The administrator and owner is Łubinowe Wzgórze
Making a reservation – payment of a deposit is tantamount to accepting the Rules and Privacy Policy for renting the Cottage and the rules of its use.

Łubinowe Wzgórze

Lessor – the owner of the Lupinowe wzgórze Cottage
Lessee – the person renting the Lupinowe wzgórze Cottage



These Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions under which you can book and rent Lupine Hill Cottage . By making a booking you accept the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Rental applies to the entire Lupinowe wzgórze Cottage at any one time.


Preliminary reservation.

Preliminary reservation can be made by phone
663 331 147, via


1. When pre-booking, you need to specify the date of your stay and the number of people, as well as the number of pets.
2. The preliminary reservation takes place after confirming the availability of the Cottage and a clear declaration of the wish to rent it.

3. The Initial Reservation is valid for 24 hours from the moment of notification, and once it has not been paid for, the Initial Reservation will be cancelled.
4 We accept payment by Tourist Voucher. You must inform the administration of Lupin Hill prior to payment in order to discuss the possibility of paying for your stay with a Tourist Voucher.
5. A guaranteed booking is made upon payment of the specified deposit for the stay. From the moment of pre-booking, the time for paying the deposit is 24 hours. The advance payment amounts to 20% of the total amount of the stay. A reservation is considered confirmed after sending a proof of payment/transfer to the following address or by sending an e-mail to 663 331 147 or by crediting the bank account.
6. Once the deposit transfer is credited or a confirmation of the transfer is sent, an e-mail/sms is sent to the booking person confirming the booking.

7. In the event of a total cancellation of the Lessee’s stay for reasons dependent and beyond the control of the Lessor, the advance payment shall not be refunded.
8. the remainder of the amount for the stay together with the deposit (PLN 200) shall be paid by bank transfer (in advance) up to 3 working days before arrival (in case of the period: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Winter 5 days prior to the rental date) and by email:Lupinowe wzgórze or mms 663 331 147 Failure to post the surcharge of the total rental value of the Cottage Lupinowe wzgórze, will result in a one-time reminder by text message to the number of the Lessee to pay the due part of the funds being a guarantee of the rental of the cottage. Lack of payment and its confirmation after the aforementioned reminder will result in termination of the Rental Agreement of the Lupinowe wzgórze cottage, the advance payment shall be retained by the Lessor in its entirety, and the Lessee shall be informed thereof by e-mail or text message.



1. Check-in starts at 15:00 (arrival) and ends at 10:00 (departure).
2. the Łubinowe Wzgórze cottage has an electronic access lock and the unique key (PIN code) will be provided by text message on the day of the Guest’s arrival after the full rental amount including the deposit has been credited. The unique access number is used to open the front door. The unique access key is valid from the date and time of the hirer’s arrival, i.e. from 3 p.m., until the date and time of the hirer’s departure, i.e. until 10 a.m. The lock is connected to a special gate and each time the door is opened, the opening history is recorded in the electronic lock system. This is necessary to preserve the security of possible unauthorised opening by unauthorised persons.
3. If the hirer shortens the period of stay, the amount for the unused period is not refunded.
4. In the event of payment and non-arrival of the Hirer on the scheduled date, the booking shall run with the rental schedule and the lost day(s) shall not extend the rental period.
5. It is only possible to extend the stay if no other guests have booked the cottage in advance. The desire to extend the rental must be notified by telephone 721 09 09 09 at the latest 48 hours before the end of the period of the previous rental. After agreeing with the Lessor the possibility of prolonging the rental, the Lessee is obliged to send a confirmation of the payment of the rental prolongation by mms to 663 331 147 no later than 24 hours before the end of the current rental period.
6. Check-out shall take place at the Cottage in the presence of the Landlord or a person authorised by the Landlord.
7. The Lessee may not lend or sublet the Cottage to other persons.
8. A larger number of people than specified may stay in the cottage and on the premises only with the consent of the Lessor.
9. In the event of the declared number of people using the cottage being exceeded (without the consent and knowledge of the Lessor), the right is reserved to immediately terminate the contract with all consequences without having to reimburse the previously paid fee.
10. Upon arrival but before moving in, the Lessee shall be obliged to collect the Cottage, i.e. check the furniture, windows, shower cubicle and other equipment in the Cottage.
11. Comments on damage or destruction must be reported immediately to the intermediary by means of photographs and an SMS to 663 331 147.
12. The Lessor allows for the possibility of discovering so-called hidden damage. If the Tenant does not comment on such damage within 2 hours after the first opening of the electronic lock, this means that the Tenant has no objections to the entire facility, and that all equipment and furniture is in accordance with the equipment list and in good condition.
13. The Hirer shall bear full financial responsibility for any damage, destruction of items of equipment and technical devices of the Slope House occurring during their stay, whether through intentional or unintentional fault.
14. The Lessee bears sole and full responsibility for persons staying with her/him (including children), and for any damage done by these persons.
15. Users of the facility are obliged to observe fire safety rules.
Fire extinguishers are located in the cottage in a visible place, which must be used in the event of fire and the fire brigade must be informed immediately by phone number 112, and the Landlord by phone number 721 09 09 09. On the ground floor the fire extinguisher is located in the vestibule, on the ground floor next to the stairs. For unjustified use of a fire extinguisher, the Lessee will be charged PLN 500 and the amount of PLN 500 for cleaning the cottage.
17. There are smoke detectors in the Cottage and smoking is strictly prohibited in the Cottage. Breaking this rule will result in a PLN 500 charge to the Lessee.
18. Due to fire safety requirements, it is not allowed to use in the Cottage any appliances or devices powered by electricity or gas, which are not the equipment of these rooms and which may create a fire hazard, e.g. electric heaters, heaters, gas burners.
19. It is prohibited to bring flammable materials, explosives or materials with an unpleasant smell into the Cottage.
20. Only wood provided by the Landlord may be used to burn in the fireplace.
21. It is forbidden to dry wet items on the radiators.
22. Radiators are not suitable for this purpose and may be subject to mechanical DAMAGE or discolouration. Breach of this prohibition may result in charging the Lessee with the value of the radiator, transport and its assembly, i.e. an amount no less than PLN 500. There is a metal dryer set up in the bathroom and a fold-out laundry dryer for this purpose.
It is unacceptable to set up and burn a barbecue on the wooden terrace of the cottage, and to burn a bonfire in a place other than the visually designated circle of stones. Breach of these rules will charge the Lessee with a fine of PLN 200 + coverage of all losses and damages related thereto.
23. The Lessee may not, without the prior consent of the Lessor of the facility, make any repairs or outlays or make any changes to the Cottage. The Lessee shall immediately inform the Lessor of the need to make any repairs or outlays.
24 In the event of technical faults, the Lessee is requested to report them to the Lessor as soon as possible under the following number
721 09 09 09 as soon as possible to enable an appropriate response and action.
25. The Landlord shall not be responsible for temporary inconveniences caused by independent suppliers, e.g. temporary power failure or Internet outage of PLUS GSM.
26. The Lessee shall use the house in accordance with its characteristics and intended use.
27. it is not allowed to move the beds in the bedrooms or to use changeable footwear inside the cottage (in particular please do not wear shoes such as mountain boots, ski boots, snowboard boots or other shoes that could scratch or damage the wooden surface of the stairs and the floor).
28. Each time the Lessee leaves the cottage, he/she should check that the door is locked. The Lessor shall not be liable for any items left in the cottage.
29. parking of cars is only possible in a designated place indicated by the facility administrator, in this case a monitored car park by the roadside.
The car park is a monitored but unguarded car park. The landlord is not responsible for the theft or destruction of motor vehicles or other vehicles belonging to the tenant, but undertakes to provide the police with a recording of the period of the tenant’s stay in order to identify the perpetrator of a possible act.
30. In the event that the Lessee significantly violates the peace and/or welfare of the neighbours and does not respect the commonly applied norms of coexistence between people, and in the event of a justified intervention of calling the police, the Lessor reserves the right to terminate the Lessee’s stay at the Cottage and is not then obliged to refund the unused period of stay.
31. The Lessee is obliged to maintain and return the Cottage in the same condition as before, which includes, in particular, leaving the dishes washed or placing and switching on the dishwasher at least 1 hour before leaving the Cottage and the kitchen equipment before departure, to empty the fridge of food and to leave it in an impeccable condition, to leave the surroundings of the holiday home in the same condition as before and to remove bed linen and arrange it in the same place as the towels, and to separate the rubbish properly in bags (glass, paper, plastic, bio-food and waste). Failure to comply with the above obligation will result in the deduction of the amount of:
PLN 100 from the cleaning deposit.
PLN 100 from the deposit for failure to segregate rubbish and waste.
PLN 100 from the cleaning deposit for failure to remove bed linen and arrange with towels in the living room
PLN 100 from the deposit for not putting all the dishes in the dishwasher and running it before you leave.
32. We accept animals in the Cottage, however, the Lessee bears full responsibility for them, including for damages caused by them, as well as for damages caused on and outside the property (biting other people). The cost of a pet is 50PLN for the entire stay of the pet.
33. The Lessee declares that all animals staying with him or her and the animals of guests have all legally required examinations and vaccinations.