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For all visitors, we offer a relaxing spa area where relaxation takes on a new meaning. After a day of activity and mountain hiking, a bath in the Jacuzzi and a visit to the sauna will be the perfect culmination. A visit to the spa area is not only a moment of tranquillity, but also offers health and beauty benefits.

What are the benefits of using the Jacuzzi?

Above all, they are benefits for health and relaxation. Muscles that have been working intensively during physical activities will relax in the warm temperature and water massage. This will alleviate pain and accumulated tension, bringing immediate relief. Regular sessions in the Jacuzzi can improve blood circulation, which promotes better oxygenation of tissues and speeds up recovery processes. It will eliminate the feeling of swelling and puffiness, adding lightness to everyday movement. It also reduces stress and improves our mood, so that not only the body, but also the spirit will rest in our facility.

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Relaxation in the Finnish sauna

The sauna is another feature of our spa area. The Finnish sauna option is what is otherwise known as a dry form, where the temperature is very high, usually between 70 and 100°C, with low humidity of around 10-20%. Using it brings many benefits to our health, it improves blood circulation eliminating swelling and improving tissue oxygenation. It is ideal for people struggling with hypertension, effectively reducing blood pressure. In addition, the intense sweating in the sauna helps with detoxification, removing toxins and impurities from the body through the skin. Our immunity will also benefit, as sauna visits improve it and make us more resistant to infection. Of course, the reduction of stress and the improvement of our mood cannot be overlooked, which can translate into the quality of our sleep.

If, in addition to discovering the beauty of nature and communing with the mountain surroundings, you would like to give your whole body the gift of relaxation, there is no better way. We invite you to try out these valuable treatments in our spa.

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