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Aktualności z Sudetów

How to spend time in Lasówka? 3 recommended tourist routes

Visit as many breathtaking views as possible near Lasówka, check out the routes we have prepared!
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Lasówka in winter

Winter is a magical time when the landscape is covered with snow and the mountain peaks become a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. One of ...
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Lasówka – learn about the history of this extraordinary place

Where did the name of the town come from? When was it established and what does it owe its tourist attractiveness to? Find out what ...
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Jamrozowa Polana

Jamrozowa Polana is a picturesque village located in the vicinity of Wałbrzych, in the Sudeten Mountains, which delight with its wild beauty and enchanting tranquility. ...
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Recommended trout fishing in the area

If you are going to the mountains near Lasówka, it is hard not to think about fresh fish from the local streams, especially trout. In ...
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