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Where to go for a walk near Lasowka? Charming paths for May Day

Podróżnicy patrzący za trasami wycieczkowymi na majówke w Lasówce

May Day is the perfect time to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore scenic spots. Teplice Rocks, Three Valleys Pass and Klodzko Fortress, located in the Czech Republic, are three fascinating points on the map of European tourist routes. Each of these places not only impresses with picturesque landscapes, but also hides unique stories and attractions. Get ready for an unforgettable experience as you stroll along these charming paths.


Teplice rocks

Teplice Rocks, is a picturesque rock town in the Czech Republic, located just outside Adrspach, close to the Polish border. These stone formations, carved by the forces of nature, form a fantastic stone labyrinth. The uniform slab of sandstone, influenced by wind, water and frost, has been divided into a number of fragments, including numerous canyons, valleys and crevices. During the tour you will discover the secrets and history of this rock town. The route is 6 kilometers long, and the walking time with breaks is about 4 hours. It is not a difficult route, although if you are going with a small child, it is advisable to bring a sling or baby carrier, as strollers are prohibited. In Teplice Rocks you will be delighted by such places as Strzemia Castle, the Large Temple Square and the rocky Siberian Gorge. This is an ideal place for a weekend getaway and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Approach total: 1263 m
  • Sum of descents: 1479 m
  • Highest point: Departure from Charles Fort 824 m above sea level.

How to get to Teplické Skály from Lasovka? The best way is to type in your navigation: parkoviště Teplické skály – vstup. This is where you need to get to. It takes about an hour to get there from Lasovka, as this route is 25 km long. From the border the road is narrow for a while, so it’s worth slowing down a bit.

Three Valleys Pass

The Three Valleys Pass, located in the Central Sudetes, is a fascinating point on the map of the Stone Mountains. Its height is 810 meters above sea level, and it is the place where the catchment areas of three streams converge: Rybna, Sokolowiec and Zlota Woda. The pass is surrounded by the highest peaks of the Stone Mountains, such as Waligóra (936 m above sea level), Suchawa (928 m above sea level), Klin (867 m above sea level) and Graniczna (848 m above sea level).

The essential core of the Dry Mountains consists of three ridges: northern, central and southern. The main central ridge is shorter than the others and has the character of a compact rock island with rich relief, surrounded on all sides by valleys. The only connection with the northern ridge is precisely the Three Valleys Pass. This is one of the more originally shaped areas in the Stone Mountains.

Hiking this 23 km scenic route, we can admire for 5.5 hours the beautiful panoramas of the mountains, which are visible from practically everywhere. The pass is also a junction point for many hiking trails. Every year, since the 1980s, the popular international skiing event Bieg Gwarków has been held near the pass.

  • Approach total: 79 m
  • Sum of descents: 92 m
  • Highest point: Vrchmezi rozc 1074 m above sea level

How to get to the Three Valleys Pass from Lasowka? We recommend heading to Głuszyca from where we can start our tour route. There are no problems with parking places there, plus it’s an ideal point to replenish your supplies before the trip. It takes about an hour to drive from Lasowka to Głuszyca, and the distance is 64 km.

Klodzko Fortress

Klodzko Fortress, located in the picturesque region of Lower Silesia, is a fascinating spot on the map of historical fortifications. Its Main Tour includes nine points of interest, including bastions, a donjon and exhibitions with mock-ups showing the functioning of the military hospital and the so-called “great ticks. There is no shortage of vantage points along this route, from which one can enjoy a panoramic view of Klodzko city and the surrounding mountains.

From the higher parts of Klodzko Fortress you can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city and the surrounding mountains. Inside the fortress, traces of military culture are well preserved, and exhibitions on the history of the place allow you to explore its secrets. In the underground labyrinths, you can feel the horror of the miners’ battle that took place around the fortress.

The tour starts in Klodzko and takes you through its key sites such as the old town and the town hall, to bring you into Klodzko Fortress as a highlight. The length of such a tour is about 4 hours, a very easy and informative tour about the local area. During these 6 km, you can experience the local unique atmosphere and visit the highlights of Klodzko.

  • Approach total: 676 m
  • Sum of descents: 683 m
  • Highest point: Vrchmezi rozc 873 m above sea level

How to get to Klodzko from Lasowka? Quick and pleasant, as the trip is only 44 minutes and at a distance of 36 km. Just type Klodzko into your navigation and you should have no problems getting there, as most of the way is via National Road 8.

We invite you to discover the charms of the area

During a May walk to Teplice Rocks, Three Valleys Pass and Klodzko Fortress, you will experience not only the natural beauty, but also the history and culture of the region. Each of these places offers unique experiences – from the rocky labyrinths of Teplice Rocks, to the majestic panoramas from the Three Valleys Pass, to the mysterious atmosphere of the underground labyrinths of Klodzko Fortress. Walking along these trails, you will feel the charm of nature and the richness of cultural heritage. This is the perfect way to spend a wonderful May Day, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by nature and history.