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Recommended trout fishing in the area

Przygotowany pstrąg

If you are going to the mountains near Lasówka, it is hard not to think about fresh fish from the local streams, especially trout. In this picturesque region, known for its beautiful forests and peaceful lakes, you can find several charming fisheries specializing in delicious and fresh trout. But before we present them, let’s first consider why trout tastes so good in these regions.

Why trout in the mountains?

  • The Natural Environment of Trout in the Mountains
    Trout is a fish that thrives best in the cold and clear waters of mountain streams. The area around Lasówka offers ideal conditions for breeding and fishing for these fish. As a result, fryeries in the region can serve trout from natural and unpolluted water sources, guaranteeing exceptional freshness and taste.
  • Unique Taste and Consistency
    Trout from the mountain area are distinguished by their distinctive taste and the delicate texture of their meat. Its meat is white, juicy and low in fat, making it an excellent choice for gourmets who appreciate light fish dishes with a delicious taste.
  • Tradition and Local Cuisine
    Trout has been an important part of the local cuisine of the mountainous regions for centuries. In restaurants such as “Osmelakowa Dolina,” “Herbergerówka” and, above all, “Karczma Bławatek,” you can taste dishes based on trout. The recipes used by these restaurants are based on traditional recipes and local flavours. It is not only a meal, but also a journey into the culinary history of the region.
  • Healthy and nutritious
    Trout is a source of valuable nutrients such as protein, omega-3 acids, vitamins and minerals. By choosing trout during your stay in the mountains, you are not only pampering your palate, but also taking care of your body’s health.

Which trout fryeries are worth visiting?

  • Osmelakowa Dolina trout fry – Address: Spalona 14a, Spalona
    Osmelakowa Dolina trout fryhouse is a real paradise for fish gourmets. Located in the village of Spalona, this restaurant is known for the freshness and excellent preparation of its fish dishes. The trout served here are caught in the surrounding streams and prepared with attention to every detail. This is the perfect place to taste the local trout.
  • Bławatek InnAddress: Podgórze 4a, Duszniki-Zdrój
    If you had to choose one trout fryer that stands at the top of the culinary list, it is undoubtedly Karczma Bławatek. Its reputation extends far beyond the borders of Lasówka and the surrounding area. Surrounded by a charming landscape, this restaurant offers an unforgettable taste of trout that will delight even the most demanding gourmets. Great recipes that refer to classic ideas that have proven themselves over the years and incredibly fresh ingredients mean that every meal here will spice up your palate with an experience like you’ve never experienced before. The Blavatek Inn is a must-visit for anyone who wants to savour exquisite fish specialities.

If there are mountains, there will be trout!

If you are planning to spend time in all-season cottages in Lasówka, be sure to discover the rich flavours of the local fish cuisine. Trout fryers such as Osmelakowa Dolina, Herbergerówka and, above all, Karczma Bławatek will provide you with an unforgettable dining experience. Each of these restaurants focuses on the quality, freshness and unique taste of trout so that you can enjoy an authentic taste of this delicacy. Come and taste the best fish in the Lasowka area!