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Deštné ski resort – an ideal place for a winter holiday

If you are looking for a place where you can spend an active and relaxing skiing or snowboarding holiday, the Deštné ski resort is an ideal choice for you. It is located in the picturesque Orlické Mountains, not far from the Polish-Czech border, and offers ski slopes of all levels, modern lifts, attractive prices and many other amenities. In this article, we’ll tell you what you can see and do in Deštné, how to get there from Lasovka, where to find comfortable chalets, and why you should choose this resort for your winter adventure.

Ski slopes in Deštné

The Deštné ski resort has a total of 4.5 km of ski slopes, of which 2.2 km are easy (blue), 0.9 km are medium (red) and 1.4 km are difficult (black). The pistes are regularly groomed and snowed, so you can count on good snow conditions throughout the season. The longest slope is 1.3 km and leads from the upper station of the ski lift Marta I at the height of 850 m above sea level to the lower station at the height of 610 m above sea level. If you like adrenaline, make sure to visit the snowpark, where you will find jumps, pipes, boxes and other obstacles for performing evolutions. And if you want to ski after dark, take advantage of night skiing on the illuminated slopes.

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Ski lifts in Deštné

There are 9 ski lifts in the Deštné ski resort, which provide efficient and safe transport of skiers and snowboarders. These are:

  • Chairlift Marta I – a 4-person, fast and comfortable lift that takes you from the lower station to 850 m above sea level in just 5 minutes. From the upper station you can ski down the blue, red or black pistes, or switch to the Marta II chairlift.
  • Chairlift Marta II – a 2-person, older lift that connects to Marta I and provides access to the black piste and snow park. You can also go to the Serlich chairlift from the top station at 870 m above sea level.
  • T-bar lift Serlich – a lift which leads from the Serlich mountain pass at the height of 810 m above sea level to the Serlich peak at the height of 1033 m above sea level. From the top, there is a beautiful view of the Orlické Mountains and Bystřice Mountains. Downhill skiing is possible on the blue or red track.
  • T-bar lift Bedřichovka – the lift is located across the road from Marta I and II and serves an 800-metre-long blue ski run. It is an ideal place for beginners and families with children because the slope is gentle and wide.
    Jadrná T-bar lift – this lift is located near Bedřichovka and serves the blue ski slope at the length of 600 m. It is also a good option for beginners and families with children as the piste is easy and pleasant.
  • T-bar lift Zákoutí – the lift, which is located in the lower part of the ski centre and serves the blue ski slope at the length of 500 m. It is the shortest and easiest ski slope in Deštné, ideal for the youngest and least experienced skiers and snowboarders.

How to get from Lasovka to Deštné?

If you are staying in one of the comfortable cottages in Lasovka, you have several options for getting to the Deštné ski resort. You can choose to drive, cycle or hike, depending on the weather, road conditions and your condition. Here is a sample of the routes you can take:


  • By car – the easiest and fastest way to get there is to drive through Mostovice and Orlickie Záhoří. The route is about 14 km long and takes about 20 minutes. The road is asphalted and well signposted, but can be slippery and snowy in winter, so be careful.

trasa samochowa z lasówki do destne

  • By bike – if you like cycling and have the right equipment, you can take the cycle route to Deštné. The route is about 14 km long and takes about 1 hour. The road is partly asphalt and partly gravel, so you have to be prepared for bumps and mud. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Orlické Mountains and stop for a rest at one of the inns or cafes.


    trasa rowerowa z lasówki do destne

    Height profile

    Approach total: 780 m
    Descent total: 1055 m
    Highest point: Pod Jelenkou, 1047 m above sea level.


  • On foot – if you want to combine skiing with hiking, you can take the hiking route to Deštné. The route is about 11 km long and takes about 3.5 hours. The path is mainly forest and mountainous, so you must have suitable footwear, clothing and equipment.

    Suma podejść: 384 m
    Suma zejść 432 m
    Najwyższy punkt: Pod Jelenkou, 1047 m n.p.m.


    trasa piesza/wycieczkowa z lasówki do destne

    Height profile

What to see and do in Deštné?

The ski resort of Deštné is not only a great place for winter fun on the slopes, but also for discovering the beauties of the Orlické Mountains and learning about local culture and history. Here are some suggestions of what you can see and do in and around Deštné:


  • Ski Museum – the museum located in the centre of Deštné presents the history and tradition of skiing in the region. You can see many interesting exhibits here, such as old skis, sledges, costumes, medals, trophies, photographs and films. The museum is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
  • Open-air museum – an open-air museum that is located near the ski museum and shows how people lived and worked in the Orlické Mountains in the past. You can see many authentic buildings here, such as cottages, barns, forges, mills, bakeries, schools, churches and others. The open-air museum is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
  • Rope park – a rope park located in the forest near the ski resort and offering many activities for adventure and adrenaline lovers. Here you can try your strength and skills on several trails of varying difficulty, which include elements such as bridges, ladders, swings, slides and more. The rope park is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Swimming pool and sauna – The swimming pool and sauna are located in the Deštné hotel and are available for guests and visitors. Here you can relax and regenerate after an active day on the slopes or in the mountains. The pool is 25 m long and 6 m wide and the water temperature is 28°C. The sauna is dry and has a temperature of 90°C. The pool and sauna are open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Why choose the Deštné ski resort?

The Deštné ski resort is an ideal place for a winter holiday for anyone who enjoys skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling, culture and history. The resort offers:


  • Ski runs for all levels of ability, from easy for beginners and families with children, to difficult for advanced and extreme
  • Modern and efficient ski lifts that provide fast and safe transport to the slopes
  • Attractive ski pass prices to suit different needs and preferences
  • Possibility of night skiing on illuminated trails for an unforgettable experience and excitement
  • Snowpark, which offers a number of obstacles to perform stunts and improve your skills
  • The beautiful scenery of the Orlické Mountains, which will enchant you with its charm and picturesqueness
  • Interesting places to visit and explore, such as the Ski Museum, the Open-Air Museum, the Potštejn Castle, the Church of St. Lawrence, the Jan Amos Comenius Memorial and others
  • A rope park that offers many activities for adventure and adrenaline lovers
  • Swimming pool and sauna, which offer relaxation and regeneration after an active day on the slopes or in the mountains
  • Close proximity to Lasówka, where our All-Season cottages are located!