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Dolní Morava

Not far from the polish border, where the historical border between the Czech Republic and Moravia used to be, you will find the picturesque village of Dolní Morava. This place is particularly close to the hearts of all winter sports enthusiasts. However, it is worth knowing that the Czech town offers much more, regardless of the season.


There are 8 ski slopes of various difficulty at a total length of more than 10 km. For the youngest, there is a children’s Ski Park, where there is certainly no risk of boredom. Dedicated trails are also available – the Fun Trail has numerous curves, undulating terrain and a tunnel, the Cross Trail is a professionally designed track where the czech snowboard cross team also trains, while the Jump Trail offers several platforms and many obstacles.


The winter resort also has a thrilling bobsleigh run, cross-country trails and the Mammoth Mountain Railway, which reaches speeds of 50 km/h and provides 25 ultra-fast bends, as well as a 360-degree turn 12 m above the ground.


In summer, Dolní Morava provides no less fun! Above all, there are two unique structures – the Cloud Trail and Sky Bridge 721. The Cloud Trail is a wooden structure 55 m high and 1116 m above the sea level, from which you can admire the Sněžník Massif and the Morava River valley. Of course, the hike to the top, amidst the treetops, is already quite an attraction. Sky Bridge 721, on the other hand, is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world at an altitude of 1110 – 1116 m. If you are curious about the details, we have written more about Sky Bridge 721 in a separate article dedicated solely to this attraction.


The area offers numerous hiking and cycling trails including singletracks. A cable car to Sněžník operates here all year round. Moreover, rare species of plants and animals, caves or lookout points with beautiful landscapes – all this awaits visitors to Dolní Morava.