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Kłodzko Fortress

The Kłodzko Fortress is currently one of the most important monuments of the whole of Lower Silesia. The Main Fortress and the Owcza Góra auxiliary fortress are open to visitors. The Kłodzko Fortress offers a magnificent view of the entire town and the nearby mountains.


The Kłodzko Fortress is unique in various respects. First of all, attention should be drawn to the unique in Europe system of counter-mine corridors, that is, an underground labyrinth. This solution provided an effective defence against enemy undermining through the use of mines. The task undertaken by the miners was one of the most difficult of all that took place in the fortress. Today, tourists have a unique opportunity to explore the underground labyrinth of the Kłodzko Fortress. Unforgettable impressions and a large dose of excitement guaranteed!


The beginning of the history of the Kłodzko Fortress can be traced back to the construction of a fortified wooden castle in the Middle Ages. The site was converted into a defensive brick castle, which belonged to the rulers of Kłodzko. On the other hand, the construction of the town’s modern fortification has its origins in the Thirty Years’ War. It was then that a complex consisting of three bastions connected by two curtains was built. An unquestionable advantage of the fortress’ location was the natural defence provided by the hillside.


After Klodzko was conquered by the imperial army, the complex was rebuilt and bastion fortifications were added. The next major expansion of the fortress took place during the reign of the Prussian king, Frederick II the Great. In the first half of the 19th century, the fortress expanded with fortified camp ramparts. In the second half of the 19th century, it was transformed into warehouses and prisons, where political prisoners, prisoners of war and soldiers suspected of wrongdoing were placed. In 1960 the building was entered in the register of historical monuments.


A visit to the Kłodzko Fortress is interesting as we can walk along the main tourist route, as well as see the network of underground counter-mine galleries, or choose a night tour in the light of lanterns and candles.