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Orlické Mountains

Trasy widokowe niedaleko domków całosezonowych

Located in the Czech Republic and Poland, the Orlické Mountains have a lot to offer. The 50 km long range of the Orlické Mountains, together with the Bystrzyckie Mountains, form a mountain complex where the average height of the main ridge is over 1,000 metres above sea level. The area is exceptionally attractive in terms of nature, as well as tourism and skiing.


The highest peak of the Orlické Mountains – Veľký Desztná with an altitude of 1115 m above sea level is located behind the Czech border. In Poland, the highest peak is Orlica, which is 1,084 m above sea level. In the Orlické Mountains you will find large ski resorts, as well as numerous individual ski lifts. What is more, there are ideal conditions for cross-country skiing.


There is also good news for lovers of two wheels. The Orlické Mountains offer many kilometres of cycle trails of varying difficulty. Thus both inexperienced cyclists and more experienced riders can enjoy them. There are also a number of trails for walkers, mainly covering the main parts of the mountains.


The Orlické Mountains area impresses with its ancient, natural character. Winding through the valleys of rivers, numerous ponds and lakes, abundant forests, beautiful panoramas stretching from the highest hills, and the ruins of old castles make this an area where you can fully relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend your free time actively.