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The underground city Osówka

Construction work on Osówka was started by the Third German Reich between 1943 and 1945, during which time almost 2 km of underground corridors and halls were created. To this day, the reasons for this project are unknown. However, it is speculated that Hitler’s secret quarters were to have been created here, or that the halls were to have been used for the production of secret weapons. Concentration camp prisoners and workers were used to build the underground.


Here we find the facilities, named Casino and Gym. The Casino is more than 50 m long and has window openings, plumbing pipes and fireplace ducts. The Gym, on the other hand, is a concrete block made up of tanks accessed by manholes fitted with steel brackets.


When visiting the underground city of Osówka, there are several route options to choose from. The first is the historical route, which has been marked out along the most interesting parts of the underground. Visitors are shown documentary films depicting the history of World War II, as well as the fate of prisoners working in the Sowie Mountains. On the route you will also find showcases displaying equipment belonging to german soldiers, as well as tools used during the construction of the entire complex.


For those thirsty for thrills, a so-called extreme route has been created. It leads through low corridors, footbridges, some of which are underwater, and also includes a boat crossing. Visiting the secret passages by torchlight is quite an attraction, but good, waterproof footwear is a must.


The above-ground route – the Riese Expedition – includes underground corridors and halls, as well as the above-ground part in the form of the remains of a labour camp, an aggregate transshipment site, power plant foundations, a railway ramp, aggregate tanks, a central command block or a lift shaft.


The underground town of Osówka is a must-see for any history enthusiast. A visit to the underground corridors is sure to be a real treat also for children and anyone who would like to learn about the history of this mysterious place.