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World’s longest suspension bridge Sky Bridge 721

Sky Bridge 721 is a new attraction at the Dolní Morava ski resort in the Czech Republic. Until now, the place owed its popularity to a giant observation tower called the path in the clouds, providing such additional attractions as a 100-metre slide or the possibility to climb a net stretched at a height of 50 metres.


Sky Bridge 721, however, is a unique structure. First of all, it has been awarded the title of the longest suspension bridge in the world. The bridge in the Czech Republic is located between two adjacent peaks. As the name suggests, the footbridge is 721 m long and 95 m high.


Sky Bridge 721 is a walking, one-way bridge. After crossing to the other side, a pleasant surprise awaits visitors in the form of a unique educational trail called the Bridge of Time. Visitors have the opportunity to play a unique interactive game on their phones. The protagonist of the immersive story is a teenager, who discovers the secrets of his own family from Dolní Morava – telling the story of the local nature and region, all set against the background of real events taking place in the Czech Republic at the time.


An expedition to the longest suspension bridge in the world will certainly provide plenty of excitement. Although the first step is the most difficult, it is worth knowing that the construction is so solid that there are no age restrictions. On the other hand, the beautiful landscapes, we have the opportunity to see here, will certainly stay in our memories for a long time.