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Zoo in Liberec

A must for all animal lovers! Liberec Zoo is the oldest zoo in the former Czechoslovakia, having been established in 1904. The zoo covers an area of around 14 hectares. It is worth spending around 3 hours on a visit.


The zoo has around 160 animal species from all continents. Liberec Zoo has made a major contribution to the protection of endangered species, including somali donkeys, dagestan goats, rhinoceroses and wander macaques. Valuable species we can also admire here include the chinese takin, berber lion, red panda, indian elephant, snow leopard, himalayan blue sheep, royal eagle, rothschild giraffe, northern muskrat, orangutan or reticulated python.


A unique attraction at the zoo are the white bengal tigers. In 1994, siblings were brought here from Sweden. After acquiring an unrelated male, three new white tigers were born after eight years. It is important to note that white tigers are not albinos but individuals with a deficiency of basic pigment.


A trip to Liberec Zoo is a unique opportunity to see both these rare and more common animal species from around the world live.