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Coal Mine in Nowa Ruda

The tour of the mine includes a museum part and an underground part. In the museum part, we learn how coal is formed, its properties and the types of coal. We will also see the original prints of ferns, horsetails and forbs from 300 million years ago. We will learn about the history of mining, as well as its traditions. We will discover how mining developed in the mine in Nowa Ruda, and we will see old uniforms, helmets, oxygen apparatuses, detectors and other equipment belonging to the miners. We will also see the control room, which contains the original equipment. Interestingly, the mine in Nowa Ruda was one of the most dangerous in the whole of Europe. Why? We will also find it out during the tour.


As we walk through the underground corridors, we can feel as though the mine was still in operation, thanks to the original equipment there. What is more, we can touch and even work with selected tools. An undoubted attraction is the ghost of the Treasurer, who frightens and amuses visitors. The tour ends with a ride in an authentic mining train.


The Nowa Ruda Coal Mine is a unique place in some respects. After World War II, it was the only place in the whole country where refractory slate was mined. Moreover, the Nowa Ruda mine was home to the unusual phenomenon of gas and rock outbursts. In 1995, the mine was discontinued.