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Krkonoše Tree Top Trail

Located in the Krkonoše National Park in Janské Lázně, the more than 1,300-metre-long treetop trail is an extremely interesting attraction in the region. Of greatest interest is the 45-metre-high observation tower, which offers views of all the layers of the trees as well as the surrounding mountains. In the basement of the tower, there is an educational centre where visitors can learn about the complex root system of trees.


The treetop trail in the Krkonoše Mountains is also suitable for the elderly and disabled. Special adrenaline corners, i.e. passages in the form of footbridges or ropes, which require a bit more effort but are completely safe, have been created to provide excitement, especially for younger hikers. What’s more, the more adventurous can choose to go down the 50-metre slide.


The hike through all parts of the forest, however, has primarily an educational purpose. Therefore, along the route, you will find numerous stops containing information on the plants and animals that inhabit the Krkonoše forests, as well as material on the general functioning of the ecosystem.


The opportunity to see all the layers of the forest, from the roots of the trees to their tops, is a unique experience which above all enriches awareness and knowledge of the surrounding nature of which we are a part. The Krkonoše treetop trail allows you to see nature from a completely different perspective – also in a literal sense.