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Lookout tower on Kłodzka Góra

At 757 m, Kłodzka Góra is the second highest peak in the Bardzkie Góry. However, given that there are no trails leading to the highest peak, nor is there a lookout tower, it is Kłodzka Góra that has become a popular destination.


The viewing tower on Kłodzka Góra is 35 m high. A winding staircase leads to its top, which vibrates as you climb. However, in addition to the upper viewing platform, the tower has more designated stopping places, so those feeling less confident, can stop to admire the views from the lower floors. There are 166 stairs leading to the top.


The panorama that stretches from the viewing platform on the Kłodzka Mountain is extremely picturesque. We can admire the Śnieżnik Massif, the Orlickie, Bardzkie and Sowie Mountains, and, in suitable weather conditions, also Karkonosze and Wrocław.


This project is part of the so-called Ridge Route, which includes 10 viewing towers, as well as a viewing platform in Radków.


The fastest way to get to Kłodzka Góra is from the Kłodzka Pass (Przełęcz Kłodzka), which takes about 1.5 hours. There is a free car park.