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Peat Bog near Zieleniec

The peat bog below Zieleniec is a unique area in the whole country. This unusual place, created about 8,000 years ago, is located in the heart of the Bystrzyckie Mountains. The peat bog occupies an area of approximately 270 hectares and is 8 metres deep. It is an area with virtually no drainage, which is due to the specific substrate, or more precisely, impermeable rocks.


The peat bog below Zieleniec is formed by two basins – Topielisko and Czarne Bagno. Sometimes, because of the specific flora, the place is compared to the Siberian taiga. The unique flora, as well as numerous species of birds and other animals, make this area an extremely valuable natural heritage, which is certainly worth a closer look.


In order to make the area accessible to visitors, special wooden walkways have been laid on the bog, which not only allow people to move around, but also protect the local vegetation from damage. On the peat bog below Zieleniec, there is also an observation tower from which we can admire the surroundings. It was first built here in 1919.


Visiting the peat bog is an excellent leisure activity for both younger and older travellers. The wild, unique vegetation and the great variety of birds, insects and other animals will make you feel as if you have wandered into the very heart of nature.