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The rock labyrinth Błędne Skały

The Błędne Skały is definitely one of the most interesting attractions in the region. The entire area of the Błędne Skały is approximately 22 hectares. But what are the famous Błędne Skały? It is a natural rock labyrinth consisting of numerous narrow crevices and alleys formed between tall boulders several metres high. There is also no shortage of vantage points along the route with magnificent panoramas.


Many of the local rocks which we pass on the trail, have their own names. These include Kurza Stopka, Wielka Sala, Tunel or Skalne Siodło. The Three Crosses Boulder, on the other hand, used to be an important customs post between the Czech Republic and Kłodzko County. According to legend, the dates engraved on the boulder were to commemorate the moments when smugglers were caught.


Enthusiasts of all sorts of panoramic views will be pleased to know that there is a viewing platform at Błędne Skały with a view of Szczeliniec Wielki, the Broumov Walls, the czech village of Machov and, in suitable conditions, even the Karkonosze Mountains.


The trail is very varied – you cross wooden footbridges, rock steps, bend under a bent tree, and along the way you pass rocks shaped in unusual ways that are sure to capture the imagination of every visitor.


The route is one-way. The narrow crevasses are a good argument for not taking too large rucksack with you. You can go for a walk along the picturesque Błędne Skały trail with your children or with a dog. You can also reach it via a mountain trail and from the Czech Republic.