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The uranium Mine of Kletno

The uranium mine in Kletno is located on the northern slope of Żmijowiec in the Śnieżnik Massif. It operated in the years 1948-1953. The mine included 20 adits, 3 shafts and the length of all excavations was over 37 km. During all the years of operation, about 20 tonnes of uranium were extracted here. Please note that the adit open to the public is completely safe from radioactivity.


What will we see while wandering through the mine’s colourful corridors? First of all, we will admire minerals such as amethyst, fluorite, milky quartz, malachite or barite. We will also look at reconstructions of palaeogeographic maps, mineral- and rock-forming processes, learn how continents and the first organisms were formed, and how certain species became extinct many years ago.


On the route we will also see a collection of old mining equipment, which will bring us closer to the work of the miners of the time. It is worth bearing in mind that this is not only a former mine, but nowadays, above all, an underground educational route. For the adventurous, there is the possibility of a night tour of the mine, field games, geological workshops and also the so-called extreme adventure, which consists in exploring the uncovered adits of the former uranium mine, as well as the medieval galleries of the iron ore mine, which are more than 600 years old.


No one will certainly not leave the Kletno uranium mine without a new dose of knowledge. It is an ideal offer for everyone, both younger and older tourists – for those who want to learn about the world and gain new experiences.