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Fort Srebrna Góra

One of the most important attractions of Lower Silesia and at the same time a unique object on the scale of Europe’s military cultural heritage. At the time of its establishment, i.e. in 1765-1777, the Srebrna Góra Fortress was one of the most modern fortifications in Europe.


The entire defensive complex is very extensive and amounts to over 100 hectares and at the same time 3km in length. It thus ranks among the largest mountain defence complexes on the continent. For this reason, it has also been given the status of a Historical Monument. We can visit the courtyard, underground casemates, findings from past centuries, as well as go to the observation deck on the crown of the mighty Donjon, which offers a magnificent panorama of Śnieżnik, the Bardzkie, Sowie and Opawskie Mountains. The memory of the picturesque landscapes will certainly stay with us for longer.


Nowadays, even more interesting fragments of the fortifications have been made available to tourists, such as underground water intakes with a well, an underground drawbridge, and the possibility to cross the deepest moat in Poland. What is more, the soldiers’ rooms were furnished with bunks, tiled cookers and everyday objects. All this so that the viewer can be transported, at least for a moment, to the times of the mountain fortifications.


The Srebrna Góra fortress had 151 fortress rooms, which were located on three levels. Inside were warehouses, armouries, a chapel, hospital, prison, bakery, brewery or craft workshops. It could accommodate almost 4,000 soldiers. The fortress first performed its defensive functions in 1807 when it was attacked by the French army led by Jerome Bonaparte. In 1867, the fortress’ wartime fortunes came to an end. It then took over as a sapper training ground. During World War II, a penal prisoner-of-war camp was established here. Today, the Srebrna Góra Fortress is frequently visited by numerous tourists from all over Poland, as well as from beyond the borders of our country.