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Książ Castle in Wałbrzych

Książ castle is located in Wałbrzych, on the border of the Sudetic Foothills and the Central Sudetes, in the area of the Książański Landscape Park. The park has existed since 1981 and it is located near the river Pełcznica. The castle complex is picturesquely situated on a rock, in a bend of the river. The castle-park complex includes buildings, terraces and a park. The Książ castle holds the title of the largest castle in Lower Silesia, being at the same time the third largest castle in the whole of Poland.


However, the present castle does not look as it did years ago. Over the centuries, its functions and owners have changed. It has also been destroyed more than once, only to be rebuilt later. Built at the end of the 13th century, between 1288 and 1292, it was originally called Ducal Mountain and was a fortress intended to defend the Duke of Świdnica and Jawor, Bolko I Surowy. Over time, the place became a princely residence.


Due to its strategic location, the castle was also called the Key to Silesia. It protected the trade route from Silesia to Bohemia. From the end of the 14th century, the castle was frequently attacked and destroyed by wars. The breakthrough came in 1509, when Conrad I von Hoberg became its new buyer. In 1605, the castle became the property of the Hochbergs, whose family took care of it for the next three centuries. During this time, the building increasingly became an opulent palace residence.


During the Second World War, the castle was destroyed and huge tunnels were dug under the building, the purpose of which is still uncertain. Today, the renovated complex is a place where a great deal is happening. Apart from just admiring the castle, we can take part in numerous cultural events here. One of the best-known is the Festival of Flowers and Art or the Lower Silesian Mystery Festival. What’s more, you can also go on an intriguing night tour of the complex.