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Underground tourist route in Kłodzko

The underground tourist route was created in the labyrinth of the Kłodzko underground in the 1960s. The route, which is 600 m long and runs from ul. Czeska to ul. Zawiszy Czarnego, is an extremely interesting and popular attraction in Kłodzko.


The entire history of the underground passages dates back to the Middle Ages, when the most important trade routes intersected in Kłodzko. At that time, the narrow tenement houses contained flats, as well as workshops belonging to merchants and craftsmen. Unfortunately, there was not much space and, in addition, the inhabitants struggled with frequent fires. For these reasons, large cellars began to be built under the houses, facilitated by a suitably soft foundation.


Food was often stored in the cellars, as well as beer. Underground passageways were also used to carry goods directly to market. In addition to this, they played an important role during the numerous wars in the Kłodzko region, as they allowed the inhabitants to find shelter there both for themselves and their valuable possessions.


At the beginning of the 1950s, the walls of the tenements began to cave in, making it necessary to abandon many of the flats. Specialised examinations were then carried out to save the old town of Kłodzko. The water deposited in the basements was removed, and most of the corridors were filled in. As a result, it was possible to preserve the Kłodzko tenements. However, in order not to completely obliterate the traces of history, a fragment of the corridors was left open to the public. In 1976, it was officially opened.


What can we find in the Kłodzko underground? We will meet here created characters of a baker, washerwoman or executioner, we will see a merchant’s office, an inn or an executioner’s shop, and all this to the sounds of bourgeois music or a bustling market.